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Muriel Bowser (D) came to Southwest Washington, to an old church turned arts venue, to sign a legislation enshrining go-go, the District’s homegrown music genre, as the official sound of the nation’s capital. The bill received unanimous support from members of Council. It requires the mayor's office to produce, fund and implement programs that support the preservation and creation of go-go music and the history it represents.

For decades, go-go clubs struggled to keep their doors open. Young D.C. residents were blamed for contributing to social ills including drug use and violence because of attendance to go-go concerts. Clubs denied entry to go-go bands worried about the attraction of unwanted attention. Schools were even shutting down music education programs. Since the 1970s, GoGo's free-flowing funk has been associated with the nation's capital. And now the mayor has signed a measure making GoGo the official music of the nation's capital.

Go-go’s renaissance began when a Shaw electronics store that doubles as a go-go hot spot went silent. A resident complained about the Metro PCS music. Politicians and community activists held rallies with live music and slogans of support. The #DontMuteDC hashtag took off. The store’s music returned days later with the support of T-Mobile chief executive. Go-go earned its name when Chuck Brown said he was trying to keep people grooving with a beat that just “goes and goes”


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