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50 Cent and Irv Gotti go at it

Understanding that there will always be some drama and feuding in the world of hip-hop or i still like to call it "rap game", shouldn't come as some great surprise. Besides theres gotta be some edgy, unapologetic posture going on in order to keep things interesting. So to the latest happenings between 50 Cent and Irv Gotti rivalry, which has been going on for many years and, judging from Sunday's (yesterday) social media activity, it's not about to cool off nor back-down anytime soon.

So, to get you up to speed... might remember when 50 was an up-and-coming name out of Queens, a smoldering artist which had Ja Rule in his cross-hire, who was then Irv's centerpiece artist over at Murder Inc. History shows us that only one of those rappers is relevant today, but that doesn't mean that the story's over. The two hip-hop moguls have found themselves at the same TV network now, with Fif's new endeavor 50 Central set to join a lineup that already includes Gotti's program Tales. Yesterday (August 20th), 50 Cent used social media, reminding his ongoing nemesis exactly how he feels.

50 said in an Instagram post "Keep quiet don't tell them I'm setting up shop," 50 then said in another caption in on Instagram: "I don't come to make friends. When I come, I take over. #50Centralbet." He wasn't done there either. continuing 50 firing shots in the comments, saying "I don’t know maybe it’s just old drug dealer habits […] That 'Tales' bullshit is garbage, good idea badly executed. It will be gone faster than you can say 50 did it. LOL." Not one to be outdone, Irv quickly responded with some sharp words of his own on Instagram: "The Fact that this clown is trying so hard for TALES go away. Should let everyone know how dope my shit is. He’s saying it’s a dope idea but poor execution. HAHAHAH. Fuck outta here bitch!! YOU LOVE MY SHIT!! Oct. 10th. TALES IS BACK ON."

Gotti also managed to throw in an added diss about 50's show Power, saying the STARZ program belongs to showrunner Courtney Kemps and thinks the rapper should take a step back when it comes to taking credit. "Don't let him confuse y'all," he wrote. "POWER IS COURTNEY KEMPS SHOW. It's not his. He is an actor who got EP credit [...] Let him entertain you with his mouth and memes. Hahaha. All good. That’s how BITCHES do!!" A few hours later, 50 continued the conversation, sharing another picture with a caption that reads: "Most people fall apart under pressure. I deliver repeatedly at a feverish pace. I'm a nightmare for a hater, I make things happen." Check out the drama in full below.

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