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#MODELMONDAY - Indie Fashion Week: DC Begins with Glam and Swagg on every level!

When you mention Washington, DC, business workers in grey and navy blue suits and politics that affects the entire nation and by extension the world is what usually comes to mind. Yet, if you've been fortunate to reside in the DMV area (DC/Maryland and Virginia) for the past 6 years, then you will appreciate the fact that DC's music, fashion and entertainment scene is growing and maturing on levels that make noted places like New York city, Los Angeles, Atlanta (Ok, how did the ATL pass us...anyway) and even Paris, France, stop and take notices of those moves being made in the heart of nation's capitol. This holds true for the opening night of the highly anticipated Indie Fashion Week: DC Vol 4.

The Event was held at the Exhale Bar & Lounge, located at 1006 Florida Avenue in NE, which borders the Trinidad and Ivy City neighborhoods. This part of town has seen an explosion of artists and diverse entertainment whichs pours down in the entire area, creating an mixing of the races, various backgrounds and all walks of life both partying, networking and good ol'e time vibing with each other. The #ModelMonday opening event for Indie Fashion Week: DC, for sure kept that feeling going and went above and beyond expectations.

The scene, the atmosphere, the DJ, the spirits being poured by the upstair duel bartenders set the mode for the event, but the euphoric feel of the venue made me feel like i was in New York City Tribeca arts district or the East Village, chilling in the lower manhattan section with Oscar dela renta, Tommy Hilfiger and sipping Patron with Tyra Banks, butt bumping Naomi Campbell on my backside....Actually #ModelMonday was much better. The Colors and clothing of the guest turn an already upscale place into a palace. The founders of Indie Fashion Week, Harley Morgan and Terrence Payton were the masters of their universe and they handle its flow with a style and cool that many entrepreneurs should take notes. Especially to have a pack venue on a Monday night, with cool professionals and those making moves as entrepreneurs and artist is epic!

Many local artist and stylist came back out after a "back to work" mentality on a monday night to be a part of the crowning event, but also to support and show love to the many models, award winning makeup artist, and stylist. There were musicians and several from various web series and Reality TV show, such as Ty Cobb, known for her weekly radio show on Ripped Radio Network to her newest and electrifying endeavor as Creator and Executive Producer of the AT LARGE reality show: Real MakeUp Artist of DC.

The Guest of last night event was at the right place and the right time if they're interested in getting into the entertainment industry. Several production companies as well as entertainment companies were not only present but working and capturing the event and all its glam. CEO Peter Grams and Noel Note of the acclaimed Iconic Quest Entertainment was capturing the moments and highlights as well as The ROE Agency supplying the beautiful people of the room, yes, models on models to fine to define, oh yes, FINE models, both on exhibit and enjoying the evening. Shay Rangel, managing Principal of OMNI Global Strategies added to the sophistication of the event as well as Julius Foster, CEO of MASSOV Management & Entertainment Group (parent company of MASSOV TV) and MESNET Technologies.

With an Monday night event being, as Ty Cobb's will call it "A LaRGE"...we can't wait to see the following events take shape this week. If you missed monday night #ModelMondayz, we really feel sorry for you and perhap your mother and God will forgive you. But if you are about this entertainment life, and you are wanting to be in the happening and you live in the DMV, then there is no excuse for you not to attend Wednesday though Sunday's events. If you are in Philly,PA, Richmond, VA, B More, MD or The ATL (Yeah, i'm calling you out's cause i love the ATL...REALLY) Then you got time to save up your gas money, find some fellow friends that got gas money, or get the megabus (shameless plug... one time only MegaBus...LoL) and get your butts here to DC and vibe with the city known for more that politics, but the artists, the glam, the entertainment, and real deal business.

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